The good, the bad, the ugly

Miss Wisdom/ August 26, 2014/ / 0 comments

For one of my art classes we had a project where we needed to find an advertisement we thought we could design better. On the left is the flyer I chose for the project. On the right is my design using the information on the original. I had several problems with the original, such as: the text going to the edge; using too many colors; not using clean cut images (the ribbons); and the organization. I approached this with a “YEAH let’s beat breast cancer” kind of attitude. Rather than a dark poster, I wanted it to stand out so I decided to use the color we all recognize as representative of breast cancer: pink. I especially wanted to emphasize the “Beat Breast Cancer” and other important information on the poster. In my mind the larger text would draw in viewers to get closer to get more details.

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