Senior Graduation Art Exhibit Poster

Miss Wisdom/ April 26, 2017/ / 0 comments

For seniors graduating with an art major a graduation exhibit is held. For this particular year there were 4 studio artists and 2 graphic designers graduating. It only made sense for the graphic designers to design the poster, so both Jillian and myself worked on this poster together. We discussed ideas and both sketched out what we envisioned for the layout. What you see here is a combination of our ideas and our work, if maybe a little influenced by my design style (I prefer bolder design).

The silhouettes of all the artists, the banners, background color, and the vectors of art supplies (with the exception of the laptop, the DSLR, and the pencil) were my contributions to this. Jillian also added more depth to my vectors that way they’d all match.

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