Perceptions Literary Journal Cover Design

Miss Wisdom/ August 27, 2016/ / 0 comments

Perceptions wanted to use a photo I’d taken in Omaha, Nebraska for the cover of their journal for their 7th volume. In the end I ended up doing the design as well.

For the cover, I chose the spine color to match the bricks. The photo didn’t work with the layout seamlessly, so I had to slice it in half and line it up as best I could. Since the wall gives a kind of “grudge” feel I thought a font resembling spray paint would work well.

For the photo, I took it while I was in Omaha over Thanksgiving break. It was the end of Photography class and we were allowed to take pictures as extra credit. This was the side of a building in Old Town. I find myself drawn to abandoned or older architecture when I see it, or buildings that resemble it.

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