Mock Annual Report

Miss Wisdom/ October 27, 2016/ / 0 comments

For this annual report we worked in partners. The point of the project was for us all to experience being something similar to an art director, and being the person that produces the material. We needed to redesign the logo of a company we chose to design for. My partner chose 3M and the logo is her design. She gave me sketches of what she kind of wanted on each page. She told me she wanted the colors red and black to be the main aspect of the theme throughout the report. With her ideas in mind, this is what I produced.

Since she wanted two colors as the main focus, I wanted the front and back cover to be different colors. After researching what 3M might use as their cover I went with this. The building wasn’t originally red and black. I actually had to do a fair amount of photoshopping and color modification to get this to work, especially since I wanted to have just a bit of black so it looked like a spine or binding (when it’s folded, there’s about 1/4 of an inch of black showing on the front). With how I design, I wanted the cover to be simple but bold.

For the contents, I took a picture of the CEO (it didn’t feel right to put some random person there!) I put the logo where it wasn’t too intrusive on the corner of the pages, and kept a red and black bar throughout the pages to tie everything together. The data is actually all real from the annual report I was looking at. I’m not one to try to fudge numbers, so I thought it would be easiest to get the real data. I wanted to display the data in a way that was easy to read but still a bit different. Although sometimes nothing explains it better than a bar/line graph. For the data with pictures I chose free stock photos that I felt best fit the industry or content it was representing (and I made sure not to re-use the images).

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