Mock Ad Series

Miss Wisdom/ November 27, 2015/ / 0 comments

For this we needed to invent a company, design a logo for it, and design an advertising campaign for it as well. The pictures are ones I took for this project. Like a lot of my projects I like to take it seriously, so after a lot of thinking I decided I wanted my imaginary business to be a coffee shop/library/reading nook. Usually when I brainstorm I will either write words to help me with ideas or sketch them out, or both. I ended up on Muse as the name for this place because every creative needs their muse, whatever it may be. And since it was both a coffee shop and library, I felt like “Muse” was the best fit for that kind of shop. I chose a woman to represent the business based on Greek mythology, since Muse’s were often depicted as females. Which is also why I went with a Greek font for the name of the business.

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