Head Start Square Brochure

Miss Wisdom/ December 5, 2015/ / 0 comments

This was designed as part of a project but also for Head Start’s use. We needed to utilize a die cut somewhere within the brochure for whatever company we made a brochure for. It could be a made-up company or it could be real. I chose to do one for Head Start since I was working for them at the time. I was in the middle of doing an overhaul on all their promotional material, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I chose red for the front because it’s one of Head Start’s colors and stands out better than blue, so I used that for the back cover. I wanted the color scheme to be simple, and I wanted the brochure itself to stand out. This is why I went with a square brochure. I knew I wanted the die cut on the cover, but I wasn’t sure what it should be at first. I sketched out lots of ideas, none of which I really liked. Through that process I stumbled on this design, using hands forming a “picture frame/camera.” Then I wanted to personalize it, so I chose to use a group shot of one of the Head Start classrooms.

Since this is a preschool program, I wanted to use bright colors and energetic/happy images. Choosing Red and Blue were easy enough, but for the third color I decided on yellow because those bright colors represent positive or good moods, at least to me. Plus, it made me think of elementary school with the large colored parachute in gym class. I feel like most people enjoyed that part of class, so it seemed fitting.

Because this is essentially a “snapshot” of Head Start I didn’t want to bog readers down with too much text. I went through older recruitment brochures and chose information I thought was most important to know up front.

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