Glitchy Gamer Girls Logo

Miss Wisdom/ January 27, 2017/ / 0 comments

I was part of a Facebook group called Glitchy Gamer Girls that was intended as a safe place for female gamers. At some point they wanted to start a YouTube channel as well, and start making/streaming videos. Since they didn’t have a logo, they decided to have it as an open forum of sorts. People could submit their designs and after a certain amount of time everyone would vote.

Since there’s so many different kinds of games, and just with how I design, I wanted it to be colorful. I thought about what “Glitchy” made me think or envision. It reminded me of when I had my old tube television and the screen would flicker, so the picture wasn’t always clear. I decided to take that approach, and since this group was all women I thought I’d use a female. Then I chose a font that offered a mix of a pixelated look but still readable. This is the end result.

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