Freedom Through Balance Logo

Miss Wisdom/ September 27, 2016/ / 0 comments

One of my clients requested a logo for their business, for use on t-shirts and stuff. She wanted a succulent to be part of it, since she promotes a healthy lifestyle and a natural way of alleviating physical injury. She also requested for it to have a bit of an art deco feel to it as that was her favorite movement.

I actually had a bit of trouble at first because the succulent kept looking like a rose! But it worked out eventually. I chose the rigid lines that surround the succulent and the business name since that seemed like the best aspect of art deco to incorporate with this design.

As you can guess, since the name is Freedom Through Balance I decided to arrange it in a way that looked like it was balancing. I also wanted “Freedom” to have more movement than the other two words.

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