Why, hello.

My name is Stephanie Wisdom and I’m a graphic designer with a passion for colors and breaking boundaries, tastefully of course. My vision is to help fill the world with designs that best suit the needs of each client I work with. As an artist, I believe it is my duty to breathe life into the thoughts, emotions, ambitions, and personalities of those that are unable to do so. As a designer, I want to help both the individual and business to better express themselves to colleagues and to the community. To do this I ask questions, listen, analyze details, and sketch a multitude of possibilities for my clients to choose from. I take great pride in my work and I like to ensure my clients get what they want, so I prefer to work closely with my clients to make sure everyone is on the same page and headed toward a shared end game.

I don’t have any particular end goal in mind with what I design, although like anyone else I desire success. However, I hope to use my success as a means to contribute to causes and charities I support. There is so much suffering, miscommunication, and negativity in the world. It is my ambition for my design to present positive emotions and experiences to counteract this, to what I hope will be a ripple effect. It is with this determination, the desire to help others, and the love of the trade that propels me forward through the design industry. There are no problems, just challenges waiting to be conquered.